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Amorina Recitals

My concerts

Concert Hall acoustics

Recording Sound

Good and bad loudspeakers

Concentrated listening

Slot Racing

Bach Well Tempered Clavier Book I

Common misconceptions of tuning. The history of the piano, its regulation and manufacturing.



Rune Lundmark, painter

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Welcome to my homepage

Torgny Lundmark

Here you can find information about a wide variety of subjects. 

I was a producer of the International concert series Amorina Recitals between 1986Ė2004. Photos of primarily the international artists can be seen from the 90 concerts.

Iím a professional pianist. There are pictures of my several concert-tours to Russia, Belo-Russia, Holland, Norway and from Sweden. Here are also pictures of my teacher Roberto Szidon (1942Ė2011). In due time there will even more samples of my playing on the download page.

My present project is the Well Tempered Clavier book I by Bach. I have written about the music and there will later be samples of my playing from the work. This is an ongoing project, a labour of love for this music, which Iíve come to appreciate more and more over the years.

My work in a studio and also teaching sound engineering at a High School is reflected in the chapter about how to record or more exactly, "what to record". There is also a section devoted to my speakers and some facts concerning their technical features. The comparison with common "monitor" speakers will give you a better understanding of how to differentiate between quality and non quality speakers.

In connection with sound recording, there are pages on the acoustics of the two big concert halls in Stockholm with explanations on how to interpret the architectural design. These facts will help you understand how any hall or room will affect our listening, playing or recording. 

Six pages are devoted to making your listening to music more rewarding or "the art of concentrated listening". In these pages I include some new findings and a discussion about brain research in music. The research, at the Royal Technical School about music as a language, defines the natural rules and also addresses the problem of presenting the music language properly. Further on I might also present a theory with an overview, of what musical matters are easy to discuss and which are much more difficult to define.  

As an experienced piano tuner I have come across a few common misconceptions about tuning a piano. It concerns the lack of compatibility between the theoretical and the practical sides of tuning; the stretching of the tuning depending of the stiffness of the strings that produces inharmonicity in the harmonics of any tone. The misconceptions concerns mismatch between the theoretical temperament and what one actually has to do with the tuning in real life. The Well tempered tuning and its history as well as Bach's personal development of his tuning, as well as the history of the piano, its regulation and manufacturing is presented.  

Some of the pages are devoted to Slot car racing, a very rewarding hobby for anyone interested in driving. On the download pages you can find some statistics of our races at SSC.

Iíve included some facts about lectures that Iíve been giving over the years. Iíve talked about the history of piano with sound examples from Cristoforiís, Mozartís, Beethovenís, Lisztís and others pianists pianos. Another lectures venture on the recording of acoustic instruments and the tuning of the piano, at other times Iíve ventured into subjects mentioned above.

Finally there are pages of my father Rune Lundmark a professional artist.

(I have for personal resons removed the pages of my wonderful wife Tanja)

You are also invited to look at some more artistic or to some perhaps peculiar pictures from different places in the world.


Please note that on these pages you will find some rather critical comments on the situation for Classical music in our society. Some of you readers might ask yourself, why such an attitude is necessary or even appropriate ... The simple truth is this: in order to change anything, to work for an improvement of a less than ideal situation, you must pin-point the problem and then present arguments for change. This cannot be achieved without publicly addressing these problems and faults. To stay silent is to accept the present situation!

Do note the very important difference between negativism and querulousness on the one side and analytical, albeit critical attitude on the other. The former will lead to nothing constructive, the latter is a prerequisite for change!


I want to extend my warmest thanks to Dr. Michael Habermann and my brother, the journalist JŲrgen Lundmark, for language corrections and invaluable suggestions. 


I hope you will enjoy the information found here!

There are at the moment 372 pictures and a lot of text on these pages, so take your time ...