Rune Lundmark (1924–1985). Painter, page 1


My father was a free lance painter and wood-cutter all his life. 
He studied at Berggren's Artist School in Stockholm.  

Representations at public official collections:

Statens samlingar
Sveriges allmänna konstförening
Sundsvall, Umeå och Ånge kommuner,
Västernorrlands, Västerbottens och Västmanlands läns landsting
Sociala nämndens konstrotel
Stockholm, various places
Folketshusföreningarnas riksorganistationer


A commission to decorate Sundsvall's new Hospital with three large wooden relief's.

He was the "Artistic Adviser" for "Västernorrlands läns landsting" 1972–1973. 


This is a large painting of his bottles of thinner used for cleaning and painting with oil colours.


He described his work as falling into different periods:

Wood-carving 1939–1943
Realism 1943–1958
Cubism 1950–1958
Non-figurative painting 1958–1968
Impressionism 1968–1974
Personal expression 1974–1985 


Most of the painting at this first page is from his later periods:



This is a painting with a couple walking in a dream-like landscape.




A tree in lovely strong autumn colours!   



A summer tree. Both of these paintings are typical of the style in Rune Lundmark's last painting period.




Two figures sitting and talking!   



The artists reflected in his own eye, looking out from the balcony of our summer-place. 
A picture of the house is on page four. 


All of these paintings on this page are quite large.
Most of the paintings were made during his last years, in a personal style of expression 1974–1985. 
The painting to the left belongs to an earlier period.



This is a very large painting realized during Rune Lundmark's Cubism-period 1950–1958.
It's a picture from Härnösand in the 50ties.


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