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Both Tanja and myself have had a profound interest in taking photos. It may be of the same reason that we enjoy looking at beautiful palaces and art exhibitions around the world. We rather take a vacation to one of the great cultural cities of the world, than go to a beach and relax. We both think that this latter type of vacation is more or less a waste of time and find more pleasure and relaxation in great art museums.



One house wall in Greece that nearly is a non-figurative painting in itself!



A very cold Winter day in Sundsvall, a city in the middle of Sweden.




The Guggenheim art museum in New York. A picture taken with a very simple camera.



The city of S:t Petersburg is just fantastically beautiful. It has of course the Hermitage, but even more 
interesting is the Russian museum. Many unknown artists for most westerners that is   can be seen there.




Mikalojus Konstantinas Cirlionis paintings are a miracle. He also studied music and 
some works can be heard on CD's easily available on the Internet.



Mikhail Vrubel (18561910) is for most people an unknown artist. These paintings are of enormous dimensions and filled with fantasy and a strong expression.



Some shining flowers.







Flowers from Florence in late autumn.




If you, by any chance, would walk in the alps and read about it at the same time, I can tell you it would not be a good idea. It's much better to actually look when you are present on the spot! Here is a photo taken while I was reading Khrisnamurti's Notebook about his walks in Gstaad. But, I was in Gstaad myself, and felt like a complete fool, after looking up from the book a seeing the alps myself ...


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