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Some photos on my wonderful and dear wife Tanja. I met her at a concert in Kostroma 1995 and changed the programme immediately, just to be able to impress her in all possible ways I could imagine at the time.

Tanja has studied enormously in her life. She has two University degrees and on top of that, several separate courses. A total of 318 Swedish University points, or 477 in the new way to count! If you only could imagine how many books you have to read to achieve that! She has from Russia a Teacher exam in English and History, from Sweden a MSc degree in Computer and Systems Sciences, as well as BSc in Business Administration and Economics from the Stockholm University. She warmly supports using open standard, which she believes can contribute a lot to making the Web to a fine communication experience. Her homepage at www.Tanja.se is hand-made by her according to XHTML 1.1 and CSS 2 standards defined by W3C. The page is freely scalable to any size you like to view it in.



Here she is sitting talking to Astrid Lindgren at a TV-interview made by the Russian State Television RTR. It's actually the first and only time (!) that I have made a TV-interview. Astrid didn't want to speak English, and as I was the only one in the room that spoke Swedish, I got the job ... I told Astrid afterwards, and she laughed at the whole thing.

Tanja had learned to write through "Karlsson on the roof", a very well-known figure in Russia. He had left letters to Tanja in the window that came from Sweden. She then had to answer the letters, as Karlsson had travelled so far to bring the letters to her. Of course, it was all a trick from Tanja's elderly sister, but it worked fine. At that time Sweden was very far away and Tanja had no idea that she would actually meet and talk to Astrid Lindgren herself in the future.




These pictures are from her first years in Sweden. Tanja likes to dress like a 
woman and not like a teenage girl. Something I do appreciate!


Women likes to have matching clothes; the shoes, dress, hair, jewellery, gloves and hand-bag should match! 
But, why not a corn-field to match your dress?


This is a picture taken the day after our wedding in August 1995. 



The owners wife at Ekström's Photo and Music Shop in Sollentuna unfortunately got cancer. She was reminded of her own wedding by our pictures. She asked us if she could place some pictures in the window of their shop in Sollentuna Centre, but we had no idea what she meant by some? So our surprise was quite large when we finally saw the window. We hadn't made any public notifications at all about our wedding, which was a private ceremony in Sofia church in Stockholm. And now suddenly it was very public, indeed. Some months later after this picture was taken, the woman sadly died. We do hope that some consolation and good memories came to her, maybe through our pictures. If you look to the right in the picture, you can also see that year's Amorina poster placed in the window. 


This is one of the photos placed in the window of Ekström's Photo and Music shop in Sollentuna Centre.


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