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High quality sound


OPPR recordings or Omni-directional Pianist's Perspective Recording, mentioned on the recordings page number two.

Comparing 24 bit recording with 16 bit:

Agrell Sonata 6 Aria con variazioni 44.1/24 bit  (Wave-file 75,1 MB) New CD!

Agrell Sonata 6 Aria con variazioni 44.1/16 bit  (Wave-file 50,1 MB) New CD!

Chopin Preludium c-moll 44.1/24 bit  (Wave-file 31,3 MB) New CD!

Chopin Preludium c-moll 44.1/16 bit  (Wave-file 20.9 MB) New CD!

Bo Linde Song 44.1/24 bit  (Wave-file 30,0 MB) New CD!

Bo Linde Song 44.1/16 bit  (Wave-file 20,0 MB) New CD!


Or download all six files in zip-format: Compare 24 with 16 bit OPPR recordings (Zip-file, Wave-format, 198 MB)


A CD with music of Mozart, pianist Johan Westre. It was recorded during early 2005 and you can buy the CD from Lovestream records at:

You can download the wave files of the last two variations from Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, to evaluate in this context, the sound and the tuning of the grand piano. 

See if you can spot the place in the slow variation (nr.11) where there is a cut with a recording and tuning made one month later? In this section the tuning is 0,2 cents lower than right before. Remember that to have a tuning that's inside a 1 cent margin, is very unusual and a 0,2 cent difference is almost impossible to hear. I would be very surprised if you could identify the exact location of the insert. See for more information on tuning at the tuning pages.

And can you hear how many cuts there are in the fast variation?

Mozart Variation nr.11 over "Ah, vous dirai-je, Maman" (Wave-file, Zip and 17,4 MB)

Mozart Variation nr.12 over "Ah, vous dirai-je, Maman" (Wave-file, Zip and 8,9 MB)




Some of my own recordings

Here is a part of a Rachmaninov Etude-tableaux recorded live with a rebuilt Revox Tape machine once owned and used by the well known technician Bertil Alving. Swedish microphones – the Pearl TL-4 in a MS-fashion – is used. The recording is made by Dr. Hans Backman.

Rachmaninov Etude-Tableaux op.39 nr.5, excerpt  (Mp3 5,28 MB)


Here is the a part of the Schubert B Major Trio recorded in 1988 with the two concert-masters of the Swedish Radio Orchestra, Bernt Lysell and Ola Karlsson. You can see a picture from the event on this website at "concerts" page number 3.

Schubert B Major Trio, the exposition from the first movement  (Mp3 7,11 MB)


This is a recording from the Haga Church in central Gothenburg. Some musicians from different orchestras in Stockholm, Örebro and from other places in Sweden, are playing with me an excerpt of the first movement of the D minor concerto by Bach. It's recorded with a Sony Walkman Professional tape machine. Sound quality is not at its highest level. It's also in an Mp3-file format, and that will further degrade the sound. You can read a bit more about this orchestra on this website at "concerts" page number 3 (at the bottom).

Bach Concerto D minor, excerpt  (Mp3 3,93 MB)


I purchased a Yamaha GT2 digital Grand Piano. I live in a flat and this is the best way to practise without disturbing anyone else. This instrument has a genuine Grand Piano action and is very comfortable to practise on. It is also sensitive and responds evenly to the pianist's touch. With headphones it gives an excellent sound quality. It cannot be compared to the best acoustic Steinway, but I have played too many grand pianos with much worse sound and responsiveness. The piano is recorded from its analogue outputs directly into my DAT-tape machine.

Chopin Nocturne nr 20  (Mp3 6,90 MB)



Bach Well-Tempered Clavier

I'm in progress of recording the Bach Well-Tempered Clavier Book I, Preludes and Fugues number 1–12. These recordings will be found here during 2013. 

(In fact, I have recorded them already seven times (!) and also played them live, but I want to wait to publish them until I'm satisfied ...)



Sound comparison

The wave-files are large, but are necessary to maintain sound quality. 


This is a comparison, featuring excerpts of Marc-André Hamelin playing the Chopin–Godowsky study number 42 in A minor, recorded by Danacord, Hyperion and by me in Amorina Hall. The top level is exactly the same, so a comparison can be done. The last two sound examples are transferred from the same digital recording, one is done with an old sound card Adb Digital Pro 24, and the last with a better system from Audiomedia/Pro Tools.

Chopin–Godowsky Study nr 42 A Minor, excerpt  (Wave-file, Zip and 12,7 MB)


Steven Osborne playing some music by Nikolai Kapustin, first recorded in Amorina Hall by myself and secondly recorded by Steven Faulkner in London for Hyperion Records. The level is exactly the same.

Kapustin from Amorina and Hyperion, excerpt  (Wave-file, Zip and 3,94 MB)


Glenn Gould's famous recording of the Bach Goldberg Variations 1981 and a blind test for you ... The same signal was recorded on both an analogue and a digital recorder. Sony claims that the analogue is much better! I have adjusted the level so it is the same, both top level as well as RMS levels. This is necessary to be able to make a correct judgment. On the CD the analogue version is around 1,5dB higher in volume, so it's quite possible that many listeners prefer that version just because of this simple reason ...

Two wave-files Gould_A and Gould_B, which is which? 

Bach Goldberg variations, excerpt from variation nr 1, example A  (Wave-file, Zip and 5,31 MB)

Bach Goldberg variations, excerpt from variation nr 1, example B   (Wave-file, Zip and 5,35 MB)


Slot Racing

Here are two files from the saloon races at our Slot Racing Club in Stockholm. An extensive view of the 2003–2004 season for Saloon, Nascar and G27, with a lot of statistics in numbers and in graphs. 

To be further updated are the statistics of the 2005 season for Saloon cars.




Since I have so many examples on CDs of varying acoustics and different mikes making possible a large number of comparisons of anything I could figure out, it is likely that more will be posted for download in the future ...



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