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Two cats! Look at the enormous paws of the "real" cat, Anton!



Finally the University studies were over. The picture is taken just after Tanja defended her 
exam paper, an investigation of the new XBRL-language. She had the language inventor 
Walter Hamscher as her mentor for the paper. 



This is a picture from our trip to Venice and Florence in 2004. My second trip and Tanja's third. 
We really love these two unique towns, as they are the real center and starting point for the 
European Cultural history. The cultural thinking and life, that is so close to both of our hearts.



A picture from the Amalfi-cost in May 2009. 
Tanja bought a hand-painted dress (!) in nearby Positano.



Also in May 2009. Look at the wonderful and very big Rose!


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