Rune Lundmark (19241985). Painter, page 5



Warm glowing colours were truly as you can see for yourself a trademark for Rune Lundmark.




He made this picture of me playing our grand piano, but it was not indented to be an portrait. 
It was, rather, an image of how the music in your mind could be transformed into colours of a painting.




This painting of Beethoven is actually his first oil painting, made at 17 years of age. Our late grandmother 
use to tell us the Rune ordered the oil-paint over mail, and then just started to paint with the new colours. Oil, by nature, is much more difficult to handle than other types of paint. It's a quite large painting. 



Four paintings from Spain.









Trees in sunshine and an early wooden carving with a motif from the bible,
Cain and Abel. Rune made wood-carvings mainly between 1939 and 1943.



A tree with a more dramatic expression, 
and belove beautiful summer-trees.





This painting to the left was sold over 20 years ago, and 
this is the only picture we have of that painting.



It was great to spend my childhood among all of these paintings, to be inspired 
with a positive view on art and life. I'm very thankful for this.


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