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Rune Lundmark made his debut in 1944 aged only 19

Separate exhibitions in selection:

Skellefteå 1944
Lycksele 1945
Luleå, Umeå 1946
Kramfors 1948
Sollefteå 1949
Sandviken 1951
Härnösand 1952, 1954, 1957, 1959, 1967
Timrå konstförening 1967
Sundsvall 1970, 1983
Galerie Aesthetica, Stockholm 1972




Rune Lundmark belonged to those artists who had learnt his trade from by studying the basic drawing techniques, giving him a firm ground to stand on.


To show-case a solid painting technique is not something that you can take for granted nowadays. I can never respect anything in cultural life which does without a well-founded craftsmanship or otherwise displays some kind of deeply rooted thought process for its creation. You need a technique to express yourself, otherwise the expression has an tendency to be both over-emotional and un-intelligent at the same time. During the development of a technique, the hardships involved in this growth process will strengthen your mind and sharpen your senses and make you a better artist.



This is a very large painting "Towards the same destination" portraying the famous "Lapporten" 
in north of Sweden as a symbol for the gate to life after death. 

In an earlier picture Rune Lundmark painted this mountain in a more realistic manner. 
The actual area was formed during the ice-age. Some ten or fifteen years later the artist produced 
a series of wood-cuts of the same symbolic landscape. He added a poem (by Evald Westerlund) 
to this much smaller picture, describing the religious significance of the scene.



A large painting from his years exploring Impressionism (1968–1974). A work clearly inspired 
of Claude Monet, the leading figure of impressionistic painting.



Important joint exhibitions for Rune Lundmark:

"6 Härnösandskonstnärer" 1951
"Höstsalongen Ångermanlänningar" Sollefteå 1957
"Y-salongen" 1960–1972 (Västernorrlands Läns Landsting)
"Västernorrlänningar" Lidingö 1971–72 (Västernorrlands Läns Landsting)
"Vår sociala miljö" 1973 (Sundsvalls konstförening)
"Konstnärer i Västernorrland" 1973, Sundsvalls museum, Skövde konsthall (Västernorrlands Läns Landsting)
"Konstens stormarknad", Sveagalleriet, Stockholm 1973
Vandringsutställningen "8 Medelpadskonstnärer" 1971-72 (Västernorrlands Läns Landsting)
"Konstnärer i Sundsvall", Björneborg och Vasa, Finland 1973 (Sundsvalls Kulturnämnd)
"Västernorrlänningar" 1973–74, Kramfors, Luleå, Kiruna, Kalix & Arvidsjaur (Västernorrlands Läns Landsting)
"16 Västernorrlänningar" Östersunds museum (Västernorrlands Läns Landsting)


This painting is a child of its time. It reflects the growing protests directed against the U.S. 
during the Vietnam war. But this is not a direct comment on this war, but rather a pacifistic 
outcry against the cruelty of all wars.


These figures seem rather threatening in their tense appearance, but the shining 
colours – typical of my father’s work – tells a different story ...




"Whirl", "Concave–Plane–Convex" and "Oxeye daisy",
three wooden figures for the new Hospital in Sundsvall.




A big wooden carving of the sun in different positions during a day!



Rune married Ingrid in 1954 and they had three sons (left to right): 
Torgny, Anders (computer engineer) and Jörgen (journalist).




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