Room Acoustics. Page 3

I made several drawings incorporating different ensembles. 
This is a sketch featuring a big romantic orchestra with 91 persons on the stage.



This is how the lifting board was going to function as an orchestral ditch (seating chart included). 
Comparison is made with the Royal Opera in Stockholm. Comparable numbers are present in the drawings.



Movable acoustic screens are very important for accommodating 
performing forces of different sizes (orchestras, bands or a choir).



Choir and orchestra or just a small jazz-trio.




The stage compared to that of the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic in 1992. Nowadays they 
have different looking lift-boards on the floor. As you can see, the Sollentuna hall could 
handle the biggest of orchestras without problem.

To adapt the hall to shows, popular music, talks or car shows; we had several solutions 
and preparations of the electric systems and the lighting, the roof over the stage, many 
secondary spaces which are really too much to show here.

A project that went on for many years, cannot in any way be 
condensed into three pages on the Internet


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